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If someone were to download music for free, the likelihood is it wouldn’t have been a legal process. However, the majority of people who do download music for free are certainly not intending to break the law. With sources such as the internet that are capable of providing a favoured artists music free of charge, it is understandable that such a high level of music downloads are the result of illegal distribution. Let’s take a look at some of the positive and negative aspects should you be tempted to download music for free.

It is argued by many throughout the music industry that the ability to download music for free can have substantially positive results in the long term. British soloist Ed Sheeran was nominated for best song at the Grammy Awards in 2013, seeing his popularity rise considerably through the use of social networking. He has been quoted in the past, along with other Grammy award winners, as showing support to those who download music for free as they help to promote music and aid its progression throughout the internet. Sheeran is best known for being an internet video sensation and was, in 2012, the musician with the most illegally downloaded content in the UK. Of course, there are also plenty of American songwriters including Nine Inch Nails that release their work on licensed music download shops for free. These particular songs will easily find their way across the internet, thus aiding their reputation and popularity within their genre.

Woman wearing headphones downloading music for free from her computer

One should intend to download music for free once it has been purchased to avoid running the risk of breaking the law.

There are plenty of negatives that surround illegal downloading and distribution of music. Ultimately, you are breaking the law by possessing and using something that was intended for sale purposes. Therefore should you intend to download music for free that was previously purchased, you are running the risk of being caught by the police however unlikely it may seem. In truth, younger people who are extremely fond of music and who have accessibility to an online computer are likely to download music for free. Furthermore, younger artists that are hoping to take a foot-hold in the industry with their music are more susceptible to illegal distribution should they release it on the internet. This can damage their hopes of making money and could also lead to plagiarism or other theft-related incidents that surround music on the internet.

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